Topics of Interest


We ask that our female patients who are pregnant or think they possible could be, to inform us prior to your x-ray examination.

Baby Bottle

Baby bottle tooth decay is caused by frequent and prolonged exposure to liquids containing sugar.  Bacteria use sugars as food.  This produces harmful acids that directly affect a child’s teeth.  The best prevention is to only use a bottle for feeding.  Do not use the bottle as a pacifier.  Only fill the bottle with water, or sugar-free juices.  Do not fill a baby’s bottle with sugar-water or soft drinks.  After each feeding, wipe the baby’s gums with a damp wash cloth and start brushing the teeth after the first year.


Smokeless tobacco poses very serious problems including:

  • Causes tooth decay
  • Eats away your gums
  • Leads to tooth loss
  • Bad breath
  • Stains your teeth
  • Causes oral sensitivity to hot and cold
  • Decreases sense of taste and smell

If oral cancers are left untreated long enough, they may even cause death.

Oral Piercing

Oral piercing can cause serious dental problems.  Oral jewelry may cause problems such as:

  • Chip or break or teeth and/or fillings
  • Erode your gums
  • Damage a tooth’s inner pulp (resulting in a root canal to correct the prloblem)
  • Intereferes with x-rays and diagnosis
  • Causing drooling problems
  • Causes speech impairment
  • Can cause permanent numbness in your tongue


Bruxism, commonly known as “tooth grinding” is the process of clenching together, and the grinding of the upper and lower teeth.  During sleep, the biting force of clenched jaws can be up to six times greater than during waking hours.

  • Bruxism can cause such complications as:
  • Wear down tooth enamel
  • Break fillings or other dental work
  • Worsening of TMJ dysfunction
  • Jaw pain, toothaches, headaches, or earaches
  • Tooth sensitivity and mobility
  • Erosion of gums and supporting bones

There is no cure for bruxism but wearing a nightguard can control this dysfunction.